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February 02 2018


ok i love target but i’m going back to fallarbor-town 

we’re back babie

ok i love target but i’m going back to fallarbor-town 

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this is a new one tumblr

An improvement

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the agit: the letter ♡ a letter from jonghyun
[chapter one]: send your heart afloat (ii / iii)
translation: bluenight0525

i think this time’s album is truly an autobiographical album. that was the reason and driving force behind steadily working on the collection album. a color that’s absolutely different from the regular or mini albums. music that’s a bit more sensitive, music that’s a bit more personal. of course, not only the songs that were released on the radio but, in addition, other songs too. loneliness or sorrow, restlessness or the dull time spent indulging in delusion and so on … it contains a lot of my stories.

how about you? listening to my story …, it’s often said that if you let yourself go it’s the relationship’s end. the relationship between the fans and the singer. i’m really sorry to have expressed it like that.

who knows, maybe as time flows, another singer like me will appear to you. even though i don’t know what singer number i’ll become to you, to me, you are my first friend and you’ll be the last one. i will ask again: how about you? listening to my story.

let us see each other comfortably for a long time.


pls reblog and tag whether you were a peter pan, wizard of oz, or alice in wonderland fan as a kid and ur astrological sign thank u

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remember when deidara literally had an identity crisis because he had to change his aesthetic 

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February 01 2018

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the dvd and blu-ray covers are one of the more underrated jokes that the poptepipic anime has brought into existence, imo


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in college there are only two moods:

1. i can do this! after outlining everything i need to do, it doesn’t seem so bad. in fact it’s very methodical and easy to follow and i can do it.

2. oh my god its happening. its the end for me. i might as well be dead. everything is due now. i was put on this earth to suffer. i have two essays due in 45 seconds and all ive eaten today is half a goldfish cracker. i can only feel pain

also these moods go back and forth every hour 






today i found out that victor hugo has had more sex than possibly almost any other human that has lived on this planet. 

he had so much sex his biographers straight up gave up trying to document all of his sexual partners. he was reported to fuck up to 3-9 times a day. He had a secret sex diary written in code. He had “official” and “unofficial” mistresses. One estimate was that he had ~200 sexual partners in two years. 


don’t forget that on the day of his funeral all the brothels in Paris were closed because every single prostitute in the whole goddamn city was busy mourning him

Hey quick question what the fuck

the man reported on his hookups in his diary using latin code words and 2 million people attended his funeral, if that isnt balling idk what is

victor hugo has been dead for 133 slutty, slutty years

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I’ll save you soon I promise

January 31 2018

me: im gonna go to bed early!

also me, at 2 am: *watching “ALL sims 4 deaths!! 12 ways!!”*

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i, a hoarder, have just now exchanged all 8800 hearts i had stored up for hourglasses. i had to press that exchange button 88 times because cheritz never expected a dumb bitch like me


the fbi agent responsible for my laptop after i open the 326th ao3 tab



Toes are here to stay

Thought I’d posted this and was like, damn true

January 30 2018







new concept: tumblr jail

if a post gains more than 20 notes it goes on trial to determine whether it’s problematic or not. then the op is given the death penalty

I like how this seems to imply that op gets the death penalty regardless of whether their post is deemed problematic.

that’s exactly what happens

Time’s up, punk

well sh

Mothers and Fuckers of the jury–




the four cardinal moods: africa by toto, judas by lady gaga, fourth of july by sufjan stevens, and mr brightside by the killers

what i mean by this is longing, mania, depression, and gay

so many people have commented on this post telling me that mr brightside isn’t a gay song. you’re all wrong. i’m gay and when i listen to mr brightside i feel a big gay feeling. move on

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god !!!!!!!!!!!! i read this 39 times over n over again !!!!!!!!!!!! 

i rly thought y'all couldn’t top the baby cow post but today i was proven wrong!! im rly booboo the fool for thinking any better of *rmys

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