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October 05 2017

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October 04 2017

im in an elevator with these two frat guys right. anyway they’re only going to the second floor
guy 1: dude we’re so lazy. man, i hate myself
guy 2: don’t we all

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all i remember from my painting days is that it would get everywhere somehow

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asra  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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i want to think that saeran likes turtlenecks 

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Phantom Thieves - part 1


Signs as iconic 80s synth pop

Aries: hungry Like the wolf // Duran Duran

Taurus: take on me // a-ha

Gemini: don’t you want me // the human league

Cancer: Time after time // cyndi Lauper

Leo: (keep feeling) fascination // the human league

Virgo: weird science // oingo boingo

Libra: tainted love // soft cell

Scorpio: sweet dreams (are made of this) // eurythmics

Sagittarius: don’t you (forget about me) // simple minds

Capricorn: everybody wants to rule the world // tears for fears

Aquarius: whip it // DEVO

Pisces: video killed the radio star // the buggles


i really break my own heart

October 03 2017

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Halloween Pokemon Pins made by CosmicMermaid

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tsunade moodboard for @tsunadeswife

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inktober, day 3

@webkitten said:

two cats
in witch hats

well! i wonder what they’re brewing! 

also i got my internship back!!! as a part time seasonal worker :-)

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How about Asra eating a donut

It’s no lizard, but-


what should i draw for inktober today! if i can’t think of anything, it’s going to be sasuke, so speak now or forever hold your peace


₍₍ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ⁾⁾

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inktober, day 2
i forgot to post this here lmao. anyway i had the worst migraine ever earlier but i wasn’t fucking up inktober so soon, so i drew my boy rly quickly through the pain

Steal His Look: Sasuke



Versace Leather Strap Bracelet - $350

Stella McCartney Nude Satin Clutch - $500

Maison Margiela Playsuit - $700

Balenciaga Leather Gladiator Sandals - $950 

Sharingan - Contact Danzo For A Quote

reblog with the dumbest mistake you made the first time you played Pokemon in the tags


Oh my gosh these are the greatest


and my personal favorite

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