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August 06 2017

we called for a cart to get our shit out of our hotel room at 10:30, so we could check out when we were supposed to at 11. it’s noon and the cart never arrived

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North American Purgatory, Marc Trujillo

oh my…. god

August 05 2017


what if you woke up and found your blogtitle tattooed on your body

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i told 3 sasukes that i love them, and also a ryuji because i was drunk and letting everyone know at that point

saw the cutest team 7 cosplayers and cried as i took a photo of them

August 04 2017

im tired! but it’s convention time

August 03 2017

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June 27 2017

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diglett dig diglett dig (TRIO TRIO TRIO)


cottage cheese in fridge: *best by june 10th*
today: june 27th
me:  it’ll be fine, the shit’s kinda gross anyway, i wont be able to tell if it’s bad

have decided it’s probably gone bad

cottage cheese in fridge: *best by june 10th*
today: june 27th
me:  it’ll be fine, the shit’s kinda gross anyway, i wont be able to tell if it’s bad

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I came here to shitpost, and shitpost I will.

June 26 2017

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Got in the fuckin dream team last night

you know to this day i didnt know that the tiles where feebas spawn in r/s/e were totally unique to each playthrough. im pretty sure tiny me tried to look up what spots they were to find one. and never did. i really was boo-boo the fool

computer did that thing where the battery status bar got stuck at 98%, would not move no matter how long it was unplugged. was just wondering when it was gonna die when it promptly died on my

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let me introduce you to the band






remember the mirage island shit in pokemon r/s/e how fucked was that nonsense

you had to talk to an old man once per day. then the game would generate 2 random number bytes. those bytes would have to both match the also random and unseeable personality values of one of your party pokemon. assuming you had a full party of 6 that was roughly a 1/10000 chance. thats rarer than finding a shiny. and this wasn’t once per random encounter this was once per day. this was the only way to find liechi berries and get gold pokeblocks

this literally sounds like some fake forum post from 2004 but it was 100% real they really put this in the game un fucking believable

between this, feebas, and the regis im beginning to think the fucking riddler played a part in the development of r/s/e

For those who are unaware, Feebas could only be found in one location by fishing in a pool of water. However there are 400 tiles of water, and only 6 random tiles will allow you to fish up a Feebas. These tiles are randomly generated when you begin the game so they differ between all other players.

The Regi’s, (Regirock, Regice and Registeel), all had a puzzle to unlock their domain. Written in Brallie, in some hidden caves. The puzzles required you to:

Find the Pokemon Relicanth and Wailord and have them in the first and last slots of your party. (In Emerald version these instructions were reversed, Wailord first, Relicanth last.) This unlocks the other 3 puzzles.

For Regice: Wait 2 minutes with the game on without moving your player. (In Emerald the instructions had you run a lap of the room while touching the outer wall.)

For Regirock: The instructions had you move right twice, then down twice, then have a pokemon use the move Strength. (In Emerald it was left twice, down twice and then Rock Smash instead.)

For Registeel: Walk to the center of the room and have a Pokemon use the move Fly, which is a move that would usually let you fast travel around the map, and doesn’t work indoors except for this one single puzzle room. (In Emerald Version, they had you use the move Flash instead.)

Footnote: There was also a misprint in the original Ruby Sapphire Guidebook which showed the Pokemon Trapinch as having no evolutions, making the Vibrava and Flygon unobtainable to those who didn’t accidentally levelup Trapinch until it evolved seemingly for no reason.

R/S/E were scarier than most creepypasta.



feel like madara’s hypothetical twitter would bear a strong resemblance to cher’s

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